Your Secret Weight Loss Center

Buy some Almond Butter

Are you a peanut butter freak?  If you are, you can still have your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, just modernized for your new lifestyle!

Here’s what you do!  Buy Almond Butter instead.  It is perfectly suited for your fat burning lifestyle, has less additives, preservatives, and much better nutrition than your peanut butter.  You can find it near the peanut butter, and look at the ingredients, to ensure you are not buying something that is a mix of peanut and almond.

Then, using simply fruit spreads, no sugar or sugar substitute please, and some frozen sprouted bread, you will have no, I repeat, no sugar spikes.  This is a great one to use at work, for a quick simple meal, or to just enjoy that flavor of the famous peanut butter and jelly taste.

Your almond butter can be spread on apples, celery, peppers and added to pan seared chicken to give you a nutty flavor.  If you like honey, use that instead!

Keep your great food options flowing, and let us know what you use almond butter for.  I bet you could come up with some great ideas!

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